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All that you have in life right now is due to your resonance with it. You may say there are many other things in your life that you do not resonate with. Its a simple case of when you have the coin, both sides are yours… simply means one is of course in resonance with all that one wants to do away with simply by engaging in/with it… for its a game of frequency match.
We resonate with something when we are in appreciation of it and there many things that exist in our life resonating with our inner fears and triggers born out of being a consequence of social being instead of being self. RESONANCE is conscious effort to have insights of life resonating with the critical elements that define us.
A holistic entrepreneur is a state of being in one
Resonance is a 4 hour personalized/ group (core team) session reached and enjoyed by many entrepreneurs, entertainers, sportsmen, professionals in responsible and high end positions to enjoy effortlessness in every effort as a part of receiving resonance from life, which is followed by availability of the trainer for as long as one wishes to master the state. To resonate with it means to identify with it, like identifying with that dream which is pulsating within to manifest. In the session we will :
Define self, separation, non-separation, thought, contemplation, meditation, consciousness, spirit, resonance, intellect, intelligence, breath, frequency, anchoring any frequency at will, dissolving resistance, relationships.
The purpose of Resonance is dissolve resistance, and acceptance with out tendencies interference, attain the ability to find resonance in any space at will, becoming aware of oneself as a presence and ones contribution to life through this presence, after all life is made of what we give to it. Life is functioning in and through our breath and as such,we will learn to :
    1. One of the finest yogic learning’s to experience more time being available through a breath technique.

What do you wish to hear from your client to our proposal? A YES … right? SO, all one needs to know is how to project a YES vibe/frequency. Simple.

Space is an entity. It holds the whole history of time. What in our approach to any space makes it sensitive and welcoming to us is a crucial fine knowing.

“NOW” is the most important time in one’s life; for it’s the now that is defining the next moment. What does it mean to live in the womb of time?

What we seek is already a image in us. It exists in the consciousness in a certain frequency. When we learn to match that frequency in our breath it manifests.

A child receives effortlessly. However the adult mind seems to have lost that ability to receive because of resistances within. How to breathe like a child again and receive effortlessly is a precious learning from life.
By knowing the tattwa’s or the nature of elements and nature of people around us, we can through anchoring identified energies influence any situation anywhere in the world right from there we are. Would you like to know how?

A particular element is predominant in our breath at any given moment of time. Our thought progresses to fruition only during certain element predominance. A finest yogic insight.

Meditation truly is the timeframe when the intellect does not interfere with the intelligence that has come in through the breath. Stillness is a revelation.

Where are we in any given moment? We are always at the point of our attention. How this fundamental can give us he power to influence any space and bring a shift in it is no rocket science. It is a simple insight.
Most of these insights are a matter of daily affair of the YOGI’s, the quantum physicists and some of the brightest names in the world of business (Its a protocol of no client information which is sacred with us). Papers have been submitted by the trainer to be a part of that research with at least 3 top universities to bring in consciousness into quantum research.
Good wishes… We are dealing with the brightest know how revealed by life itself. There is nothing even close to what RESONANCE can create within. Every successful person has a regime/ discipline in ones approach to life. A breath frequency that brings us back to who we are from all distractions is the take away from this session on resonance. Inner states that resonate with all about us.
Resonance comes to you the day you gift yourself a day to reinvent yourself partnering life. Taking a day off from your schedule to nurture your very role existing. Do feel free to speak to the trainer Partha, who has been with the corporate for more than 17 years before listening to the inner call of finding resonance with life in each moment.
Partha has authored and pioneered the idea of conducting holistic workshops through the medium of e-workbooks making access to (W)holistic approach to life a effortless experience. His books are available in Amazon. Enlightenment Simplified, Shandilya, Healing – The way it is, Approach, Tantra of Parenting, Frequency of fortune, Breath Inside and Phenomena are among his published works.

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