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Consciousness Sensitivity For Psychologists as Breath Therapy

Empowering Psychologists with Insights on and of life tools.

For.. it's the insight that creates the shift in the outlook of the mind. A psychologist can be a trained professional, a parent, teacher, friend, a life situation or a self realisation all of which are of equal consequence.
Life is functioning in us as breath and as such it is not difficult to understand "It's all In The Breath ''. It can also be easy to accept that we all are breathing differently in terms of frequency, so breath can be altered to access different frequencies, which is the critical knowledge to access from life.

Welcoming all Professional Psychologists, Budding Students, Researchers, Spiritual seekers and Healers with various modalities, to make consciousness & Breath Frequency awareness as a part of your work.A very experiential approach to define the third element in every thing; the spirit, which is pivotal to establish perception, connection, communication, projection and predetermined reflection from life.


Partha has been in the corporate for more than 15 years before "going in", in search of what makes life work. The last 13 plus years spent in the august company working on raising the sensitivity with life. All his 7 books are part of a serious study of "What's in the Breath?", available at Amazon. Psychology, Breath & Consciousness is a boon to every Psychologist equipping self with insights and tools within the breath for clients as varied as a Child, Criminal, Organisational, Sportsmen, Medical Practitioners, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers and every other aspect of life simply because breath is common to all.

Holistic Sensitivity & Tools For Psychologists.

Lets Define, Reframe, Rediscover, Reinvent, Repair our knowing with consciousness to bring back one to oneself. Let Each session and Every aspect mentioned below come into one’s experiential perception. Have tools for an effortless approach with every mind. The 14 structured sessions will cover all the many aspects that are bound to arise within the sessions.

What is not Yoga? Matter & Energy : The first step to perception is clarity on this. Union and Separation : Yoga is losing separation with it. When you become that, you also become its possibilities. Guru’s story : A story with a tagline; when you let go all that you do not have you are in Yoga. Pranayama : Knowing the bypass that allows you to take the prana (life force energy) anywhere at will. Naadishuddhi : An experience within the body of separating the tattwa from the padartha or energy from its matter.

Time frame : Accessing that time frame when the intellect doesn’t interfere with the flowing intelligence. Being unfragmented : The ability to be wholly there at the point of attention without fragmented existence Breathing without any agenda : A free mind is free breath, A free breath is free access. Physiology of a Smile : What happens when you hold onto your smile, what makes access pleasantness. listen to the sound of the flowing breath : gives us the ability to be there, wholly in a very simple way.


Anatomy of breath : what is coming in and what is going out is a revelation. Prana, PanCha prana : The 5 experiential pathways of prana that can be controlled. Holds the key to many a physical healing. Why an organ malfunctions : The factor responsible for malfunction and how to start re-pair right away. What is breathing in you : To know what is breathing in you is to know, what is likely to appear next. Where are you : The basic foundational knowing exactly where you wrt life. Where are you breathing from : The ability to access from anywhere means you must know where are you breathing from The slow outbreath : The breath emotion dynamics. What happens when you breathe out slowly?

Dimensions : to know the basis of all projection and shifting the dimension of breath just like changing a radio frequency Fears / Anxieties : A yogic image restructuring method creating a shift in the breath and settling the reason down. Feelings : How feelings is the language of communication, when known as insight you have the master-key with life. Perception, Connection, Communication : Communication with anything can be established only when it is in our perception. Projection : We receive from life our exact projection, how to perfect that. Reception : What creates a resonance with one’s projection to reflect back precise seeking. The truth within : Again the master key to know what exactly will be received from life based on our internal states.

Factors in relationships : Identifying and destroying every factor that is not love. Sutra of a great relationship : Life is made up of what we give to it and not from what we receive from it. This must be understood once and for all. With self : A clear relationship with self, brings in clarity in relating with everything else. How?; must be known. The role of Acceptance : Acceptance of what is; is blocked by ideas, beliefs, insecurities, fears. Acceptance is a frequency to open doors. How? Mantra for relationships : Yes there is an approach, which is invincible to perfect great relationships. Family geometry : the finest yogic processes on breath that brings difference of opinion to simple healthy constructive different opinions.

Frequency : Desire is a frequency. If it is from lack, it doesn’t manifest. How to place it well. The ideal arising : A desire ideally must arise, progress and manifest on its own while one is only a witness. why seek : What we seek exists, when it seeks us too; the seeker and the seeking meet. how to connect to that frequency : how to touch the frequency in which what we seek exists. The Breath Of Success : There is a way to breathe with it, to bring it into complete resonance. Image , Imagination, sensing : the role of images, its consciousness in our psychological well being.

The 5 elements : Everything is made up of the 5 elements. As such, what is the state of our relationship with each other? Sutra of choice : What is choice and what does its frequency reflect from life. Bhuta shuddhi : A yogic way to balance the presence of the 5 elements within. Breathing free : The first criteria for effortless resourcefulness is breathing free. What’s on the way to achieve that? allow, acknowledge, appreciation : How the chemistry within living these 3 words creates wanders in life. Impact the consciousness of the space to create the right atmosphere.

Energy : What is your personal energy? What is your body projecting? Spirit, Spiritual, the third element – Body. Mind and Spirit, the third element. How to define spirit? 5 senses, sensitivity : Sensing is real. Raising sensitivity with something means raising one’s relationship with it. The role of taste : It is easy to identify which element is predominant in any given moment. How to be with earth and water to manifest. The sense of smell : what does this mean wrt to identifying how far or close is what we seek. What is presence : Our presence affects the surroundings we’re in. How to identify who we are at any moment. Raising one’s frequency : How to raise one’s internal magnetism to have a charismatic pull. The sound vibrations : Raising personal vibrancy through sound. A yogic process.

The Body, Mind, Spirit complex : what is being centred ; How stillness promotes health. BM Coordination, Superhuman feats: The body is imitating the mind. The breath of a sportsman where time and timing is critical. Organ Malfunction : What is in the breath and how to direct it to rectify the malfunction of any organ. Nadi Shuddhi : An experience of yogic separation of energy from matter and using the energy to heal oneself with the water element. Raising Prana with mudras : If Prana is the car, Mudra is a steering and experience of pranic control.

Tendencies : we are born with certain tendencies which play a role in our decision making and hence the patterns. Nullify. Time : How to expand time/ or have more time availability through breath modulation. Opinions : Our opinion becomes our experience. Why come out of this trap? Bhagavadgita : 6 lines of wisdom simplifying releasing from factors that cause resistance, hesitation and all distractions. Trust, Patience : How to raise one’s patience level and understanding the frequency of trust. Distractions, Being centred : Any movement away from our calm and pleasant state is due to distractions. The centered state. Breathing free : AN effortless free relationship with life is a simple possibility when one can breathe free. So what’s coming in the way? The state of doing nothing : How is the state of doing nothing is actually a very powerful state to access a life we envisage.

Nature of elements : Everything that exists has a certain nature. Identifying this aspect makes it easy to read life. The faces in you : All whom you have met, all that you have seen till date, All the images. What role does it continue to play. The qualities you identify : has in it the consciousness to anchor. What does that mean? Consciousness, awareness, Awakening : How to define consciousness, role of awareness and what awakening has to do with what’s appearing? Situations as a frame : Why to witness life, relationships and even self from distance. What is the frame that we are seeing? Anchoring : Just like watching a painting from a distance and you know where to correct or enhance, the same is anchoring with consciousness.

Ego &Self : When ego and self are distinctly defined, it becomes easy to find a personal frequency in everyone/ thing. Reading a situation : How to identify when the ego is affected and when the self is? Sensitivity with others : Who are others? Are there any other? Self realisation, non separation, own reflection : Losing separation with everything, sensing self everywhere. Applying knowing SR. Creating a shift : A fine application within non separation. You don’t say no to yourself. Creating a shift and experiencing it through the right application of word chemistry.

Masculine feminine : Shiva shakti, Yin Yang, MAsculine feminine as balancing energies Connecting to what’s at work : Perceiving intelligence in every atom in the universe. It’s happening on its own : Actually knowing it’s all happening on its own. Our role is just to respond to that which is drawing attention. You are not the doer : Bhagavadgita says this. Then who or what is? What you are aware of : What are you to the point that you are aware of as a reflection and resonance. Invocation tru tattwa awareness : Invocation through anchoring Invocation thru virtues : Drawing any virtue at will from any given space.

The 3 points of source : where do you draw resources from? from a certain source right? Identify the 3 vital sources from life. You are your own source, strength, weakness : To identify and draw resources for the physical/ Psychological / Spiritual from within. You are its source : Misconceptions like imaginary lights, ideas, passed on beliefs must be nullified to perceive its all within. To serve the source : the law : what you choose to serve… know the secret frequency in it. Effortless Resourcefulness : Everything that came to be is effortless until interference comes its way. What is effortless resourcefulness. Yaa Devi Sarvabhuteshu… How to establish a certain virtue in one’s space at will.

How to go about it?

... Either way we may approach this support post session is unlimited and all upgrades are always free.

Have a little conversation with us as to why as a Psychologist, the more than 100 aspects/ insights /processes that we will touch upon can equip you to handle any branch in Psychology, be it a child, parent, organization, sports, clinical et al, by bringing in wholeness in your approach.

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