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Work life balance is critical to breathing free and happiness being a natural state. 15 years in the corporate and the last 10 years in the august company of many a wise men from the mountains… Bodhi is precious. Takes one precisely to where we started from … the center. Breathe like a child and receive like a child.
The purpose of Meditation as a technology is to come back to being centered. Bodhi is my personal work with the sincere seekers, homemakers, high flying executives, entrepreneurs, entertainment industry, sportsmen and Yoga trainers. The 12 insight areas touched will bring the invisible within your perception.
  • Effortless Meditation - Meditation is a technology to establish a tangible communication with the consciousness. Years of contemplation and deep self inquiry must culminate to polish our grammar with life. Being centered is where effortlessness is. Define meditation to a point of never ever miss being centered. Some Vedanta in ones breath.

  • Clearing the breath pathway - In Mahavataar Babaji’s first 3 kriyas to Lahari Mahasaya is where you will find your breath once again. When breath is centered, you are not fragmented. Every successful person has a regime, a discipline that becomes the source of their power.

  • Invocation - Only in ones magical center is the possibility to connect ones intellect with the all pervading intelligence gives one the ability to create a very conscious surroundings at will. You will create an impact on any space from there where you are. An insight from Swami Bramhananda of the jog maaya ashram, Gaya.

  • Source - Life began from here. Resourcefulness was our natural state; losing awareness of ones karmic and genetic source is the only struggle. Rediscovering ones original source and how to tap into that field is an insight of great importance. Finding constant blessings as ones ally. With source understood you will be naturally resourceful.

  • The family geometry - A family is natures conspiracy wherein a group naturally comes together to ensure growth for each other.However sometimes this geometry is broken by the vagaries of the mind. Reconstructing this geometry is an insight and virtue in ones breath possible only by a centered being.

  • How paths close or open - We form a meaning called block to the delays that we experience in various aspects of life. Relationships, finances, peace nothing seem to be progressing at all. What made the path close and how to open the path is an insight precious.

  • Anchoring tattwas : We should be like chefs whose kitchen is full. Any dish can be prepared for every flavor , taste is available. In any given situation a certain flavor/ tattwa/virtue is all that is needed for completion. When a certain quality of life is required in a certain situation anchoring ensures that energy is available. One of the finest teachings from the Himalayan yogis.

  • How to give "it" more body - The whole body speaks in a subtle yet very powerful and penetrating way. Right communication with life happens only when ones body consciousness is centered. A school of “Agasthya” insight.

  • Power of conviction in success - In the center of our thoughts lies conviction. Every thing else is scattered around it. The key to life lies in this center. How to operate from the point of conviction is as fundamental as to breathe or eat. The need to achieve Success has taken a large space within all of us. The distance between success and man is just an insight of knowing the difference between passion and conviction. A Vedanta insight.

  • Purpose and practice of stillness - Yoga’s greatest contribution to schools of Buddhism and zen has been about stillness. It is about what can make us the mirror for life so that when life peeps into us, it finds itself in us. Why desire; become its desire. Why choose let life choose thru you.

  • Self Realization and conscious relating - To many self realization is the purpose of life. Self realization demolishes our idea of the other. That there is no other is an insight that gives us the power of conscious creation. You can change anything for its all about you here and you there. We have experienced living as a ego... now lets smoothly transit to live as self.

  • Creating a Conscious Aura - While you are the awareness in the body, your true home is where you are contained. Your auric space is the space which is in frequency with the consciousness. Create this home, design it, celebrate it and liberate in it... and it begins right there from the middle... your center.Learn the practice the yogis are applying every moment.

The struggle to being in the center is so unnecessary. Being centered is being Bodhi. Its a one day session followed by support that continuous till one is perfectly able to apply the insights as a way of life. In fact the very session should be the day that is an eye opener to another dimensional shift in our very own breath.
You are a magic to be experienced at the center of your being. Just a few insights away.

Be a Bodhi