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The Mandala

Knowing the rules of the game is empowering. If the chosen 9 points out of infinite possibilities sound good, now it will reach you through the mandala.

  • You will never have accidents in life.

  • You can regain/ rebuild any relationship at will.

  • You can 9/10 times as a possibility, release yourself from the risk of a cardiac arrest.

  • You discover, define, perceive and access God as your finest frequency.

  • Having understood consciousness, how to connect to any frequency at will?

  • Can an inner state be achieved when you are never disappointed in life?

  • How to never lose things/people that have come as privileges in life?

  • How and why to master stillness, for it is the beginning of all momentum?

  • Finally, freedom from all queries within.

We do not attract in life what we want or need, we always attract who we are. So, the whole  finesse must be directed at being aware of who we are in that moment. We are the only school likely still strong building energy mandalas for many among us who wish to leave a signature of their life creating enterprise.

Now the Mandala will empower you personally by reaching these insights during this period. A Mandala is a 16/40/52-week energy work to create favourable weather for one’s personal and professional growth. A Mandala is created for ones expansion, clearing any roadblocks, arresting a fall, reviving fortunes or simply protecting the enterprise created.

1. You will never have any accidents in life.

When you have a certain outlook about life, a certain internal state, a certain frequency in your breath, you would never face or attract accidents in your life; personal or professional. Accidents are caused by forces that distract one away from the moment, far enough. It’s a work of dense mind.

2. You can regain/ rebuild any relationship at will.

When you come to know who you are as various versions of yourself, you also get to see everyone else and their various versions. A certain inner work, and you will have a great relationship with everyone, irrespective of its history.

3. You can 9/10 times as a possibility, release yourself from the risk of a cardiac arrest.

You are not expected to master yoga asanas after a certain age. You may only be in awe of the ones who are able to do it. However, you may learn how to shift the load that the heart takes from the pressures of the mind to your gut which is more capable, you will also learn simple exercises to revive the second heart. 

4. What if you can finally discover, define and perceive GOD.

God is an idea we grow up with initiated from family, culture, religion. It’s interesting to witness that this idea is universal while its images, mythology, beliefs are different in every culture across geographies. Would you be more if you discovered a presence within, which is the potential source and as the finest version of our own self.

5.Having understood consciousness, how to connect to any frequency at will.

Whatever you seem to seek, exists as a possibility in a certain frequency. Manifest is simply one’s ability to find that frequency in one’s breath so that the possibility begins to breathe in us. You can breathe like anyone in this universe and attract what lies in that frequency. It’s great to know the dynamics involved.

6. Can an inner state be achieved wherein one is never disappointed in life.

You don’t have to go to the Himalayas to find peace, humour, health or magic when you have read numerous times in your life that all that is within. Now is the time to find what shift in our outlook makes it possible to never be disappointed in life and take everything in stride. While acceptance is a word, it’s also a great state.

7. How do we lose things, why do certain things/ people/ privileges move away from our life?

When we know this, we will never ever lose things that we value so much. To appreciate the privilege, we have received in life it is important to first recognize them as a privilege. Mortgage ceases the soul in a privilege. It’s so easy to see. A certain breath frequency opens the path to be debt free. 

8. How and why to master stillness?

Stillness is the beginning of momentum. Stillness is free of distractions. There are 2 ways to lead life. One as ego and one as self, or one as “i am the doer” and the other knowing “you are not the doer”; One as an auto process where life is happening on its own and you are the witness and the other as manual, where you are the participant. One, like a child and one as an adulterated mind.

“The School of Breath” has been making Mandalas for the last 2 decades as a continuum of a centuries old practice for many among us across all sections of life. Fundamentally it may be known that we can contain in us as much as we are as container. To contain more, we must become a larger container. Simple.

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