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In our experiments and trials and errors, with finding a way to establish a flawless communication with life, we will one day find, that the Key to everything we seek is always there in our very own breath. We invite you to find your key.

Come, homestay with us at our modest “Divine Space “– campus @Hyderabad, reset your breath, reset your speech, become sensitive to the presence, find answers to your deepest queries and establish a never ever losing connectivity with everything that is life.

If finding a way with life is what you seek, if you can promise yourself a little discipline of 10 minutes each morning, then this is the spiritual breakthrough, never taught to you and that which you have been seeking all the way.

Choose any weekend from July. A simple Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday, stay with us. Join us for

… to Breathe Free.

*The schedule is as below. Everything of your stay from the moment you step into “The School Of Breath/ Divine Space” to dropping you back to your transit will be taken care of.

  • Trainer – Partha.
  • It won’t be too much content, slow paced, absorbing and intense.
  • Come in day zero/ Thursday evening or early morning day one Friday.
  • Plan your return a little late day 3 Sunday or anytime day 4 Monday.
  • Your homestay accommodation and food will be all inclusive.
  • This residential session all inclusive for 3 days is 50,000/-
  • Purpose of the session is to find that frequency within that vibes with everything you seek.
  • The * in the contents of the sessions are processes and approaches.
  • For any queries feel free to call : 9440358048.

The School Of Breath” comes to you, asking you to take a small 3 day break, to slow down a little, to find for a lifetime, the frequency that brings us to the finest connection with life and to the best version of ourselves.