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Simplified Classic Yoga

The School Of Breath, reaches to you the most simplified way to define and know classical Yoga, right there within the precincts of your home, helping you correct the way you breathe to bring in answers to everything you wanted to know to bring in ease in relating with everything that is life.

It’s all in your breath.(Simplified Classic Yoga)

Each breath is a communication with life. When this communication is sharpened, we have an
effortless ease with life. Simple. There is no need to struggle with life. Just know what in us vibes
best with life.
3 sessions, 90 minutes each on March 29 Friday/ 30th Saturday/ 31st Sunday, morning 6.00 to 7.30.
Even before you have actually begun your day, you have the insights in.

The Sessions Details : Day 1.

 Day 2.

 Day 3.

A revision session will be conducted as follow up to progress, absorption and to attend to queries if any on a mutually suitable date 1 month after the session.

The sessions will happen online google meet. The link will be sent to all the registered participants. It will be delivered by Partha, Author – Trainer for The School Of Breath. The trainer profile is

Session fee: 3000 rs. Call 9821427616 / 9440358048.

Google Pay : Partha Gupta : 9440358048 ; or to…

@ Divine Foundation, A/C No: 34391010001307, IFS code: CNRB0013432, Dr. A.S.Rao Nagar Branch, Telangana. 

We do not Manifest; We only witness Manifest.