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Home Consecration

Are you at home? This is a deep query... read on...

Home is the greatest space for one to be healed
The space itself must heal… If you have collected anything from outside, the space at home must be able to Cleanse it off you. A once in a lifetime learning that is to be passed to the next generations too. Like the grandmas remedy of a clean space. Come… know the vitals.

Such a space is what we call as a consecrated space…

As one teacher rightly reminds that a temple is a place to charge ourselves. It’s a space that is consecrated in a certain way, wherein when ones comes into such a space, anything that one carries other than himself is removed and only the self dwells.
Your home must be a temple, wherein even when others come into it, they go back healed rather than leave … their own residues behind. That what we do to a temple… Praana Pratisththa, is exactly what consecration to ones home is.
We go out every day from this space to attend to all that Which they have to respond to. We meet all kinds of people and carry a little of all into this space… our homes… unconsciously.
These new faces … now in your home space start playing a silent role of their nature. You cant see them, however their essence exists and starts interfering with our daily processes. These essences not only reside inside one’s mind, they also spread into the dwelling spaces through the tool called memory. Soon they as a “foreign presence” become a part of your decision making and hence conflicts come in.
Too many cooks spoil the broth.
Make your home such a temple of space, wherein you wish to come back to. Home Consecration can be done remote too. Its all about certain insights forever. This includes Cleansing of the Space, Invocation and Space Anchoring.
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