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Naadishuddhi & Mudras

It is so simple to understand that when anyone suffers from a physical ailment, it simply means that a certain organ/ gland is not functioning well; and what could be the reason… very simple, lack of life force in it…
Naadishuddhi is a simple process of releasing all that which are
sediments lying in the path of life flow. As this release happens,
the free flow of life as in that of a child is regained.
“Naadishuddhi & Mudras”; is a breakthrough in delivery of a knowing from the wise men from the mountains as to how to direct the praana to any effected organ at will. Once the organ is strengthened, there cannot be dis-ease at all.
Naadishuddhi and Mudra’s is a 3 hour session is deep discovery of our relationship with life itself. WHAT ONE LEARNS IN THE SESSION…

A life free of medication is a Reality awaiting to happen to you… It simple to understand and apply. The flow of the session would be thus…

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