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Bhagavadgita – The finest pick. Simple.How to become dear to thee
Bhagavadgita- The lords song. Lifes song… what is the Bhagavadgita guiding you to become and becoming which do you become closest to it. When you become that, life’s a flow, resourceful and effortless and as a witness. Just be… there is nothing you need to do. All we need to know is this. All we need to overcome is the challenges to become that. Simple. So who is it who is dear to the lord/ god/life/consciousness? the one below.
One who does not agitate the world?
Nor whom the world disturbs, unmoved by fear;
Beyond impatience, pleasure or regret,
Such a one is dear to me.
One who depends on nothing, pure at heart…
Who does not hesitate when called upon to act;
Without anxiety or desire to please,
Such a one is dear to me.
Now lets go line by line… 
1. One who does not agitate the world – Accept things the way they are for that the way it got formed. Do not be the reason to agitate anyone or do not become the reason to agitate a situation.

2. Nor whom the world disturbs – be so pleasant inside; be so free of desires, wants and ego that nothing of the world can disturb your tranquil state. Have no complaints within and live in a body that has no conflicts. Once you have no expectations there will be no disappointments and so no disturbance.

3. Unmoved by fear- Fears thrives on expectations. When you have no expectations from anyone , you will also have no fear from them. Don’t even fear death. Don’t fear losing, what shall come shall come, what shall go shall go… Allow. Accept life so much that death also becomes a part of it.

4. Beyond impatience, pleasure or regret – Don’t tell life what to do… don’t give life your instructions. Don’t rush things, nature has a way with time and your vibe. Don’t live for pleasure, live as pleasure. Do not regret any decision, accept, correct and move on.Have no place for guilt. It happened thru you… know that.

5.One who depends on nothing – What you have is the resources to work/start with. When you depend on something you put your weight on it, now it become heavy and finds it difficult to come to you. Be free off others. Free others off you.

6. Pure at heart – The most powerful state is this. What you are manifesting is the truth within. Separating the truth from all the content accumulated is a sure way to even predict whats next, as your communication with life is further established.

7. who does not hesitate when called upon to act – Tendencies we are born with creates a meaning of everything we experience through the senses.All resistances within are a result of our tendencies. Hesitation is a vibe which causes a mirror effect from life too. think. If you carry hesitation life too will carry it for you.

8. without anxiety or desire to please – Awareness doesn’t entertain anxiety worry or depression. It is the luxury of the ignorant. No expectations, no ego- no anxiety simple. Let what you do please you first, it will please all. Don’t do to please do for it is appropriate.

so, all one needs to become is someone who has defined these words well within, that’s all. Agitate, Disturb, Fears, impatience, pleasure, regret, dependence, pure, hesitate, anxiety and desire. This is the only challenge.This is where one needs guidance.

Always in life, Allow, Accept, Acknowledge, Appreciate, Decorate, Give and Celebrate…. and you shall be dear to life. Su-darsana is not the form that Arjuna saw, Su-darsana is the perception of the nature of the consciousness.

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