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Yaa Devi Sarvabhuteshu…… Sansthita When this is perceived and applied as ones knowing… one has accessed the Mahamaaya.

When the same space appears different as seen from different eyes, that’s maaya… and when one can consciously access different consciousness or frequencies to invoke such a space, its knowing the Mahamaaya. Accessing and invoking any energy at will to create harmony to ones space is the purpose of Mahamaaya.

Maaya is experiences within ones perception; a perception that seem surreal. Maaya has been largely understood as illusion. Maaya is also tagged with attachment or longing. Mahamaaya is when no maaya exists and ones perception of the world, the people, relationships, happenings and one’s own communication with life is tangible, measurable, clear and meaningful.

Arjuna’s experience of the “Sudarsana” is his own; Ramana’s realisation of “Stillness” or Patanjali’s clarity in settling down the mind into silence are all born from the ability to listen to all that which is obvious all around us as a witness; the form as well as the formless.

To become thus witness, absolute perception of Praana the inherent aspect in ones breath is a must. To breathe free means to be free of all resistance built up in social conditioning. Mahamaaya is “THE” phenomenon behind every experience.

One can become a witness when one ceases to exist as a participant. Breaking the huge conditioning within is possible in absolute harmony is a transformation gentle and is a gift of the moment. Mahamaaya becomes reality in ones perception and everyday experience with sensing the gifts of the “NOW”.

Session by Partha : Author – Trainer. Books : Shandilya, Enlightenment Simplified, The frequency of Fortune, Tantra of Parenting, Heal The Way It Is, Breath Inside and Phenomena. The many sharing in this session are many chosen from the e-workbook Phenomena.