Save The Heart

Free The Heart- Breathe Free. 9/10 times you will escape a heart attack or a cardiac arrest when you breathe right.

9/10 times one will escape a heart attack or a cardiac arrest when one releases the heart from the overload from the mind. It is a known fact that happiness contributes towards heart health, while sadness and anxiety effects heart and lungs, anger effects the liver, fear effects kidneys and heart, shock effects heart and gallbladder.

Anger, anxiety, and depression can trigger inflammation linked to heart disease. Recently, researchers have discovered that there is a strong link between negative emotional states, brain circuitry, inflammation, and an increased risk of heart disease.

While YOGA has always known this and documented this, modern researchers have also affirmed that the mind as in social pressures like relationship issues, financial needs, Future anxieties, past memories, emotional imbalances and rigid negligence of minds health have been the reason for most Heart failures.

This need not be; You may rationally know what is happening to the breath in the hour of any crisis and release the heart from the influence of the mind. This is YOGA at its finest best. About the session...

  1. The session last 90 minutes followed by weekly communication and updation of progress for the next 2 months which should be the ideal time within which one can master the breath starting from day one.
  2. We will start with Naadishuddhi which will give us the experience of separating the tattwa from the padartha or the nature of the element from the element itself and use it to settle the effected organ.
  3. We will learn the hand and finger positions (mudras) that allows us to direct the flow of prana from the breath to the effected organ.
  4. One will learn the fundamentals of breath wherein one shifts the minds load from the heart to the gut and ensure non interference of the mind.
  5. We will work start to finish together to ensure its easy, effortless and deeply connecting. So, Duration is Start to Finish.

Personal Sessions on appointment in Hyderabad or You can join the group session whenever we are in your city or thru our online session dates. Wish to know further please call Vyjayanti Tejuja in Mumbai 9821427616 and Trilok Yadav in Hyderabad - 9553964256

Trainer - Partha... is the author of books of the genre breath. All workshops are in form of books with a unique feature of the author being available to progress to the next page are available with Amazon.

A revival of a very fundamental aspect from “The School Of Breath” 8328243160/9440358048. Hurray !!!