Sacred Geometry - Initations

Accessing The Dimensions/ The Initiations.

The Vortex and Aishwarya Dharini.

Where are we breathing from is a fundamental question that when we are aware of, we can be sure of what we are accessing from life in any given moment. It is possible to access a certain frequency that settles down within so well that all our unsettled aspects of our life progress to settling down n its own, while we truly remain a witness here.

Also we must be resourceful like a child. A child doesn’t ask for anything and yet it so effortlessly receives all that is needed. Such a state is a possibility even to us who have so much adulterated the breath. Aishwarya Dharini is an initiation that connects the breath of that dimension or a mandala from where resourcefulness becomes a way of life. One always has the resource even before the need arises.

What is an initiation?
In true sense of the word it is connecting or helping one connect to a certain dimension so that the virtue of that dimension comes into access of the initiate's breath.

Who can initiate?
One who has already walked the path. Hence the progress and experiences of the seeker is well known to the initiator.

A life free of medication is a Reality awaiting to happen to you... It simple to understand and apply. The flow of the session would be thus...

1. Precise defining Of Yoga, Meditation, Breath, energy, spirit, dimensions, Naadis, Chakras, Praana vayus and Tattwas... just as the wise men in the mountains would teach you... followed by...

The purpose : Accessing the virtue of a certain dimension to apply in everyday life.

What is a symbol?
A symbol is a sacred geometry that is like a cryptic code of the dimension.

What accesses the dimension?
The breath accesses the dimension. Once certain fundamentals are known this is a simple insight and no rocket science.

How can all unsettled aspects of our life get settled through initiation?
A dimension is a certain frequency. Consciousness is like an infinitely large library and it we who choose the book we read. Our breath frequency is the match to the frequency. So, the virtue of the Vortex initiation is that certain frequency that becomes a part of ones breath and hence begins to settle anything unsettled within, reflecting the same in once experience of life.

What is Aishwarya Dharini?
Aishwarya Dharini is also a sacred geometry which accesses a certain dimension whose frequency is utmost clarity within. Clarity is manifest. Hence one's relationship with life becomes so clear, just like the frequency of the breath of a just born child that all resources move towards that breath frequency.

Precisely what Jesus meant by regaining the kingdom of god is like becoming a child again.

Vortex Helps us access a state wherein the unsettled aspects of life move towards settling down and Aishwarya Dharini is for an energy shift to be resourceful even before the need arises. Please contact Vyjayanti Tejuja to be there.