9 Processes

9 processes from the 3 ancient schools of...
Agasthya , Vashistha and Mahavataar Babaji.

From the School of Vashistha...Vashistha a revered Vedic sage. He is one of the Saptarishis (seven great Rishis) of India. Vashistha is credited as the chief author of Mandala 7 of Rigveda. His ideas have been influential and he was called as the first sage of the Vedanta school of Hindu philosophy by Adi Shankara. On 19th we will discuss Mandalas.

*Naadishuddhi : knowing to separate energy from its matter and use it

*Bhootashuddhi : enhances our frequency with the elements

*Mudras : Teaches us to direct praana to the desired organ/glands/chakra

*VaakShuddhi : The frequency wherein everything you say comes to pass.

From the School of Agasthya Muni ... is a revered Vedic sage of Hinduism.[3][5] In the Indian traditions, he is a noted recluse and an influential scholar in diverse languages of the Indian subcontinent. He and his wife Lopamudra are the celebrated authors of hymns 1.165 to 1.191 in the Sanskrit text Rigveda and other Vedic literature. Agastya is considered by many to be the "father of the Tamil language", to whom is attributed the origin of the Tamil grammar text Agastyam

*Silencing the mind : The breath rhythm that blanks all thoughts

*Settling the emotions : Any agitation within can be settled down with this process within no time.

*One breath that balances Praana into all chakras : A breathing technique that balances praana distribution in each breath.

*Stillness : To know stillness creates movement. To become the mirror to life.

From the School of Babaji... Mahavatar Babaji is the name given to an Indian saint and yogi by Lahiri Mahasaya and several of his disciples who met Mahavatar Babaji between 1861 and 1935. Some of these meetings were described by Paramahansa Yogananda in his book Autobiography of a Yogi, including a first hand telling of Yogananda's own meeting with Mahavatar Babaji. Another first hand account was given by Yukteswar Giri in his book The Holy Science.

*Ardha Praana Kriya : enhances energy to the brain

*Purna Praana Kriya : free flows energy through the spinal chord

*Internalised exhalation : Raises internal frequency to another level. The 6 hours main session is just to experience the kriyas. It's just the beginning of a work together. The trainer being available till one is able to apply. Every Kriya chosen for its contemporary application. If you have been searching for learning, 9th December is your date in Mumbai...